There are various ways to start blogging let’s check out all of them

Two ways you can start a blog:-

  • Website created by other vendors: – Basically there is lots of already build templates, You have to choose one and you can start your blogs.

This is super easy and flexible because you can the design style and many more things whenever you want.

Few of the vendors which are dominating in the market are mentioned below


Check our blogs to know how to start blogging using vendors website.

  1. How to start blog using 
  2. How to start blog using
  3. How to start blog using

Advantages: –

  1. You don’t need to know coding to build your website.
  2. You will be provided with the plugins do lots of other stuffs
  3. You will provided a console to write your blogs and directly publish it(nothing to worry)
  4. You can also add pictures and videos to your blogs without any worry

Disadvantages: –

  1. You can choose templates for your blogs from the given themes only.


  • Website created by you: website created by you requires a huge amount of coding knowledge and many more stuffs


  1. You can design the blogs/website the way you want it to be.


  1. You have to code to design anything new.
  2. You have to code while publishing a blogs.
  3. You have to code to add pictures and videos.

We will recommend you to choose other vendors because it will make your work easy and provide  a console or say editor to do everything.

  • Easiest, oldest and flexible is
  • Since it is started way back it has overcome all the challenges & difficulties that a bloggers had using word press, so the preferred choose
  • Word press already had lots of user who view your blogs from the first day you publish your first article, so you started getting Traffic from the very first day.
  • You get an option to use plenty of plugin in word press to make you website more attraction with lots of functionality (which help you do business easily and conveniently.
  • Word press has huge community and that will help you to get your query cleared as soon as possible.
  • Word-press has a significant amount of reader base which will help you get traffic and increase your followers.

Blogging is a profession which needs lots of effort in starting few years and will give profits for next few years. once your website/ blog is famous you doesn’t need much efforts.