Rebirth is a term which has different meanings in different religions. But mainly we talk about three religions that are Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism. There are different theories regarding Rebirth in different terminologies. We can call Rebirth as the generation of something again. It is also termed as metempsychosis. In case Buddhism, it does believe in karma while the reincarnation but does not include the existence of soul referred as ‘Aatma’. Karma defining as the rebirth in good realms followed by good karma and rebirth in evil realms followed by bad karma. As of now, there are six realms of rebirth, out of which three are good and the other three are bad. The first three and the good one are Deva (heavenly), Asura (Demigod) and Manusya (humans). The rest three are Tiryak (Animals), Preta (ghosts) and Naraka (resident of hell). But there is a slight difference in the Hinduism terminology, it does believe in the existence of soul.

Well in my opinion, a soul can definitely be reincarnated. But there are theories that soul can neither be created nor be destroyed, yeah somewhat like energy. And guess what? Soul is an energy. So by that it means that a soul cannot be born and it cannot die. According to religious views, our soul come from God and return to God. Well you won’t believe that the proof of the existence of soul comes from a whole new level, which is not bound by any religion but Quantum Physics. Yes it can be mind boggling and Time and Space can help you to understand the mechanism of soul. Our soul can very well fit under the example of the Quantum world. Well it states that,

  • Our soul is universal which means it has no boundaries.
  • Our soul doesn’t need any sensible organs like through touch, hear or see.
  • Our soul is the one which turns everything into actuality.
  • Our soul create impulses.

So by all this considerations above, we can say that our soul is beyond our mind and the body. Therefore just like the relative and the absolute part in the quantum world, we are relatable. So, if science tells you to believe in soul, you better believe in it. And this gives the rebirth a push towards the existence of soul, so I do believe in that part of rebirth. Otherwise, there are many theories you can relate to your own beliefs. That’s all folks.