Google Trend is a website which let you know which keyword is searched on internet and how much time on daily basis and best part is you can filter the search results based on location and time period & category. Google trend provide an option to compare more than 2 keyword based on location, time period and category

Let’s get started:

Google trend

Click on the link and you will be redirected to Google Trend website where you check which search is most searched.


Now type any keyword you want to check how much it is searched on internet.


The best part of this website you can compare many number of keywords and filter it based on location, time period and category. You can compare keywords and understand the trend and then choose your keyword accordingly. You just click on +Compare button and compare the keyword you wish to.



Select country, time period and category as mentioned in the screenshot below


You can check the trend based on the search type like

Image search

News Search

YouTube search


Thank You