Searching something new to advertise your business in this era when internet market is in their boom? So dig in to Instagram for your business promotion. One of the top-rated social media channel. Instagram now has more than 400 million monthly active users, so its one of the best social media channel used to promote business on it. Google survey analyze that 31% of advertisers using their ad automation software were spending on Instagram. Here, we show you how to create business ads on Instagram

You just need a Facebook ad account and a Facebook page to run Instagram ads.

Let’s start,

Step 1  Log in to your Instagram account.

you just need to add your Business Manager account or your Facebook page. If you don’t have an Instagram account, your Instagram ads will use your Facebook page’s name and image.


Step 2 Select your Objective

After login to your Instagram account, page will appear to select your appropriate objective

Choose your objective according to your business ads or in which you want to focus on.

After completing the selection of objective give your campaign a name.


Step 3 Account information

Provide your information in the below-given box appears on screen

Step 4 Audience

Define your audience for a business ad. In this section, you can define or select that audience who you want to target for your Instagram business ads.

Step 5 Detailed Targeting

In this section, you can search audience for your business ad by their behaviors or interest

Step 6 Placement

Here, you have the three options to place your ads according to your target audience, select the required option which is best for your business ads and focused audience.

Step 7 Budget and Schedule

Set the budget and schedule for your ad this section allows you to define how much money you would like to spend on your Instagram business ad and when you would like it to appear on the page.





Step 8 Format

In the Format section, you choose the creative of your Instagram ad. Upload media files, image, and video.


Connect your Facebook page and an Instagram account through it.

Headline, Text, Call-to-Action

Enter the headline, text, and a call-to-action in to your business ad.

Advanced Options

After setting the ad finally, click on confirm button to run your ad.

Some key success point that makes your Instagram ad perfect

–  Used quality image.

– Upload high definition videos.

– Describe your business and service briefly.