Since Twitter is launched in 2006, Twitter has become a most popular social media channel, where people go and interact with communities, brands, share their thoughts, ideas, business and services with different people and groups of audiences through Twitter chats and more.

Nowadays twitter has over more than 329 million active users, so its no doubt that there are plenty of potential eyeballs out there for your brand messaging.

There are 3 different Twitter ad types given below:

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets appear directly in between your targeted user’s timelines, at the top of search results.

Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts are displayed directly on the covered follower’s timelines.

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends allow you to promote # at the top of that list.

How to advertise on Twitter

Here are some ideas of “How to create business ads on Twitter” In this section, we show you exactly how to use Twitter ads to promote your business through step-by-step twitter ads tutorial

Step 1 Set up your first twitter ads campaign

Log in to Twitter Ads Manager

Step 2

List of campaign objectives open on the page, select the appropriate objective according to your business, choose the objective you’d like to achieve with your business campaign, then click Create Campaign it will take you to the Twitter ad campaign page, where you can name your campaign, choose to start the campaign right away or do it for later, and decide either adding third-party tracking or not.

Step 3 Select your audience’s type and objectives in which you want to focus on.



Step – 4 Set your budget.

You can set daily maximum and total campaign budgets for your ad campaign to control how much your Twitter ads cost.

Step 5 Choose you’re Creative.

Twitter will show you a list of your existing Tweets that you can choose to promote.

Finally, press the publish tweet button to launch your ad.


Best practice to promote twitter ads and earn maximum ROI from it


– Introduce your business briefly.

– Include a clear call to action.

– Include cards.

– Use high-quality image and videos.

– Don’t use a blurry or pix-elated image.

-Learn from your organic tweets


Types of Twitter ad campaigns

Campaigns are categorized based on your campaign objective, and you pay for different results depending on the type of campaign you choose.


For follower’s campaigns, you promote your Twitter account and pay per follower you gain


Increase your awareness of campaigns by promoting your Tweets to a huge audience and pay for impressions CPM. It is the only type of campaign where the Twitter ads pricing is based on impressions rather than engagements

Video views

Website clicks or conversions