Another day we all opened our eyes in a hope of doing something today. It doesn’t matter if those eyes smiled last night, were tired yesterday, were open all night, couldn’t sleep, watching a dream or making a dream come true doesn’t matter if those eyes cried all the pain out. But when the sun comes up, there is hope; a hope to live another day. A hope that will help you to survive one more day. You plan something or wait in anticipation of someday to come. We all lived with pain, stress, broken hearts, lost love, poverty, fear, guilt and on few days we might have thought that we are better off dead. But still, there is something that gives us hope; even a really small amount is enough to keep us alive, living and breathing.

But what will happen when that is taken away from you. When that last hope of survival is gone and there is nothing left. The world is ending and so is your world its gone shattered into pieces in front of your eyes and you can’t do anything but helplessly watch every piece fall on the very ground you are standing on. Everything is gone and worse when he leaves to make things better. Should I be happy that the world we know might not end or break into tears because my world is gone forever?

I am Ray Connor, a very rare name for a girl I know I get that a lot, I am 27 years old. Stuck in this unnatural world with a lot of other people. And desperately trying to get out of here since then. It all started 5 years ago when a virtual reality game showed up with a promise to create a ‘Perfect World’. Give us all a taste of how it would feel like to live in a world where there is actually peace without discrimination, racism, hate, poverty and everything we fear of just a place you can live just like the real one but a better place. That’s what they said. I remember when I saw it on news I laughed at first but when I really thought about it the idea seemed really intriguing. To actually be able to live in a place we all wish for a perfect world. And with that it was just a matter of time when everyone actually started to buy that game and it became quite a regular thing, and really popular in all age groups even older people can now have times of their lives. Even the president appreciated the effort.

With all this going around the world one day my father actually bought the game for our everyone in the family, my mother was really excited to use it, and I could listen to lily’s high pitched voice up from my room as she screams with excitement. Is she even allowed to use it? She is not even eighteen yet Ah.. well maybe it’s too late now to talk about that seeing her like this there is no way now to stop her from getting in there. With all the commotion going down there, I came downstairs to see what it actually was. Well, it came in a big box with a single main CPU like thing and 4 headgear one for each of us. But I can’t see any wires except one, the main power cable guesses other parts might be connected via some Wi-Fi for Bluetooth. The headgear just sat in my room untouched cause I was too reluctant to use it.

For days I got the pressure to use it once by my family but hell I was going to listen to them. It’s childish definitely not my type I thought to myself. One day when my family was busy playing that game, I was wrapping up some stuff when I found the manual on the table. Out of boredom and maybe a little curiosity I started reading it and found out that there was this little website where you can view the players live, just have to enter their name or to be precise just enter their headset number. Without taking another moment, I did it.

It became a regular habit of watching them live happily. And I was happy to see them happy.

But it soon was about to change. I switched on the TV and there was this news about people facing problem logging out of that game. The man on television said, “Reporting live. Bringing you this news that the world famous virtual reality game claiming to give an experience of a perfect world is now facing a real big issue. It’s being reported that now the once playing the game can’t log out ’cause of some system issue let us hear it from the creator of this game and know what he has to say about it.” The old man with nearly no hair on the head and a long white beard spoke in his cracking voice, “I am really sorry about the issue. This should not be happening. We are trying to resolve the bug meanwhile it is suggested that do not force the headgear out manually that may cause sudden death to the players as it might emit pulse wave that will stop the heart, also, do make sure you don’t cut off the power. The game must always be running else it might result the same. Please do not take this information lightly. Real lives are at stake”. “So you heard the man!”, said the reporter “Please don’t force the headgear out and do not turn the game off. It’s a matter of life and death. We’ll keep bringing you latest information and what others have to say about this mess. Stay tuned”.

I was sitting numbly not knowing what to do. I opened my laptop saw them and I just couldn’t stop my tears. I was now afraid that I might never see my family again. I felt the sound of TV slowly disappearing in my head, all i can think is how to bring them back. But it was going to get worse.

Next Part would be posted soon. Till then stay tuned!!!                                                

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