Have you ever through why religious books might have been written, what must be the need of this?

There are religious book in almost all the religion and all tell us the way to live for the betterment of life and society. religious books also speaks to be happy without hurting others, religions from different locations have religious books with almost same purpose. Few religious books from different religions express the values of life in different ways but the most important thing what I noticed is all of them have one and holy purpose towards betterment of life and everyone should respect others.

I believe people in all the society must be leading towards selfishness and hurting others to fulfill there desire because they were not feared of anything. So some wise person from all the society could have written books with the deeds which were considered to right at that time and is published and present as good man manual. This value & importance is passed on to us through the generations. But what if it is hard to accept it now?

I really appreciate the concept, but world is changing, life style is changing, way of living is changing. We have also changed and we can’t stick to the same values and rules which were introduced long back in time.

The concept of heaven and hell is also introduced in the almost every religion. This could have to turn on the fear factor that people should be scared of doing wrong deeds (Considered to be wrong at that time when the books were written) which are mentioned in the religious books.

One Thing more what I noticed is in every religion and religious books are concept of right and wrong, good and bad. Few religions put it as a rule where others are set free that they can fellow if they are willing to. But the irony is we are supposed to follow the religious book which were written long back and have been implemented to us,which we have been taught by our parent and society and our parent have been taught by their previous generations.

You believe it or not but we judging everything from thought process inherited from our society, and society is following what they have inherited from their previous generation. From the childhood we are said that this are thing which is right and that are deeds which are wrong, irony is at that time we were not mature to analysis it so we accepted it. But when we become capable to think, our mind is already equipped with deeds which are right or wrong. so we never got any chance to think on it.

To be really honest religious books seems to be a constitution where you have to follow it and if the constitution can change its rule why religious books can’t be modified. The only thing I want to say why can’t we can have some modification in the religious books.

Your thoughts are encouraged and appreciated. please let us know what you think.