“I don’t believe in taking right decisions, I take decisions and make them right.”

The above words have an attitude with a very strong believe to take the decision and make it right. Mr Ratan Tata is trying to make really valid point here, We all thinks before taking a decision whether we are taking a right decision or not, Rather than thinking about whether we are taking a right decision you should be more focused about how to make your decision right.

If you are mature enough you will understand that a decision can never be evaluated as right or wrong before the accomplishment of the task, to defend this line it is also said in Religious Story of Mahabharata that:

 “The accomplishment of the work can only decided whether the decision was right or wrong

So stop wasting time in analyzing that you have taken right decision or not, better concentrate on how you can make that decision right.

Having a confidence and believe  can only lead to make your decision right, Taking right decision is mere dilemma to make you confuse.

Beauty of words is strong feeling!!

It’s  not what you read, it’s what you read, understand and feel after understanding.