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Hello Readers!!!

I sit next to your couch or outside your house. Few buy me to take care with love and affection, few buy me to showcase. When I grow big, my position is similar as a software employee. I might get two opportunities, one to grow more and more huge/older or get chopped in a single day. But when I think about the sin I’ve committed, I can’t even list a single mistake from me. I just give shade to the one who is in need, I exhale oxygen to all the living beings on this planet, I give food to everyone who are in need etc. May be Human beings are considering these things as my mistakes. But what can I do? I was designed to give all these on this planet.

Few pray to me(Indian Hindu Tradition), Few pelt stones at me.

Everyone needs my shadow and fruits but no one will stand on my side when I’m chopped.

You need me in your day to day life as a chair, table, office furniture’s, Window, Door and the list goes on and on. But you don’t wanna plant and water me.

Just try to think about me at least once in your life so that your future generations would not get into all types of crisis and that to because of you and your actions on earth.

Save Plants / Trees, Save Life!!!!!

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