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Hello Readers!!!

Ever think about how oceans are important in our daily life? Ocean’s covers 2/3rd of our earth. They provide half the oxygen we breathe, they moderate our climate and they provide job, medicine and food including 20% of protein to feed the entire world population.They are the Jewel of earth. We think that the ocean is too vast that they wouldn’t be affected by our activities.

NO“, We are affecting it with our human activities.

We all are aware of the Green House gas which is the main reason for global warming. Oceans have absorbed 25% of all the carbon dioxide that we have emitted into the atmosphere. Because of this we are saved a bit from global warming. But as we keep pumping more and more CO2 into the atmosphere, more and more is absorbed by the oceans. And this is what changing the ocean chemistry. Because of the absorption of CO2, the sea water is getting acidic. The pH of the sea water goes down which results in the increase of ocean acidity.

So what really happens if the oceans are acidified?

It will directly affect the marine species. Its leads to mass extinction of the marine animals. When the concentration of CO2 increases in the ocean, the concentration of carbonate ions decrease. These ions are the basic building blocks of many marine species to make their shells. Even corals use this carbonate ions to build coral reefs.

Ocean acidification could directly affect the food chain. It could affect right onto our dinner plates. So I hope we reduce the emission of the green house gas into our atmosphere and save our oceans from acidification. Let keep our nature and oceans clean for generation and the future generations to come.

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